[Webinar] Free Session on Steps to Succeed



Now, the recording of the session is available at: https://youtu.be/CT52-gyp_Ww


Do something today & most importantly TOMORROW that YOUR future self will thank you TOMORROW.

Join Ramesh Aiyyangar with the special guest, Mrs. Indumathi Umesh, Founder and MD, Vision Academy, for a FREE session.

Steps to Succeed: A motivational talk

Webinar Live Date: Saturday, March 6

Duration: 1 hour

Location: meet.google.com/mhg-xzbt-ddw


Mrs Indumathi Umesh
Founder & MD, Vision Academy

Have some fun quizzing with Raghuram Pandurangan and win interesting GIFTS.

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***News*** Mrs. Indumathi Umesh has been nominated for ICONIC WOMEN AWARDS, THANJAVUR 2021.

Congratulations!! *****

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